Vzhun Films’ Kpali Movie Review

Kpali is a Nollywood comedy directed by Ladipo Johnson and produced by Emem Ema. The movie features appearance of stars like Ini Dima-Okojie, Nkem Owoh, Gloria Anozie Young, Linda Ejiofor, Kunle Remi, Uzor Arukwe, Seyilaw, Abounce, Torin Pocock and others.

The movie, Kpali tells the story of  Ini Dima Okojie who was named Amaka Kalayo in the movie. She was a 20 something-year-old.

She is a London-based Nigerian and Investment Banker. She finds her life into a total mess just when 30 days ultimatum to secure her work and residence permit is slammed on her.

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Kpali, the movie entails a story of around 20 something-year-old young lady, Amaka Kalayo whose sedate London life is set on a difficulty when her boss make her known that she has 30 days to decide either she is to close a big deal.

Or loose her Kpali; visa, work permit and right to live in London. Accompany, with her job on stake.

In fear of her career and reputation, Amaka departs for Nigeria with her oyibo male colleague in town.

They arrive at Lagos and for some personal reasons, they head together, straight to Amaka’s family house.

Kpali movie is funny, little comic, quirky and relatable for the pleasurable of the audience.

It has Nkem “Osuafia” Owoh as well as Seyi law for the purpose of laughter.

One of the cutest scene is where Jidenna looks deep in Amaka’s eyes on their first date.

And while everyone was hoping he could say something like “I love you” or “I want to marry you” he says something completely different but which cracks every one up.

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This movie is for naija people, young career minded, living within or outside the country and trying possible best to find that difficult balance between work and living.

The key message the movie actually pass is, when the world seems to be crashing all around you, and you just don’t have idea of what to do. Just take out time and seek a change of scene.

The movie also provides fresh perspectives. How Amaka is suddenly no longer all about work. How she is finally stopping to smell the roses and  let the love itself takes the step.

Many might even keeps asking questions, likes, “Where does she find love? Who does she choose between the two men who make her heart go boom?

But I think I have answer to the questions. Wait! Are you actually expecting me tell you. No. No. Just go to cinema and watch the movie.

Meanwhile, Kpali is not a perfect film. Yes. I said it. Because there are contrived scenes, like when she gets her phone snatched.

You just have to wonder why she had to wind her window down in that particular period.

And, the scenes at market where Jake buys that hideous bag. That were contrived scenes.

But as Nollywood movies go, this movie feels us good hints and its a very relatable movie that will appeal to millennials.

For Nigerians who are battling that particular place to stay.

Home or Abroad.

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