This Is How A Dream of A Brother Sent To Grave

This is how a dream of a brother sent to the grave.

A 25-years-old youth, who just passed out his National Youth Services Corpse returns home.

He received A warmly and respected welcome, being the first siblings of his family to complete the scheme.

After some weeks, the warmly and affectionate presence at Home became to be of worry to parents.

Now, he is time he have to take little responsible of the house. Yes! It’s time to provide answer to dreaded question.

The questions in which majority of the youth like him are either, or yet provided answer to.

“What are your plans for getting employed?”

A question to which has to be in a protocol answers, just like every youth does.

The explanation he gave has nothing to do with the stastifation of them.

But had he taken such time to meticulously plans a professional business.

For how much time has he used to plans this kind of work that could save the few of the youth at his level.

The way that could have given few jobs opportunities and making prospective employers of labour.

And hopefully, how people going to be benefitted in this meticulously planned work.

However, going contrary to their response. Beyond his expectation.

Dismay filled him over, dejection all over him as what that could have been the acceptance of the older generation now giving negative response.

He hopes the only way is to get approval from the older generation but no, he got the shocking he couldn’t plan for.

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Mainly, He only expects to receive consenting nods and encouraging smiles from them but they gave him disapproval.

This reality gives definition that’s the older generation too really scared to take any risks.

It would be successful. It depends. If not, you would have the blame just, you have give been giving stern warning.

Yes. They encourage, in them, they want instant. There is no explanation for waiting again, through your stays in university, they waited.

They wanted, getting a work of 9-5. He bored in sorrow.

They have ideas of how felt but just to explain the responsibilities and expectation attached to his new phase of life.

“You have siblings to take care of”  that words went his mind.

They give him explanation of not only difficult but can not possible for him to achieve any pursuit of the dream.

This is how a dream is sent to the grave.

A frustrated man reach out to his friend for idea of a business. Now 38-years-old tired of staying at his current job.

A Job doesn’t provide enough funds to take very good care of family and running children fees.

Besides, his wife may just have been considerate. Not a nagging one, because if she’s one of them, he would have been a death meat.

Meanwhile, he’s already feeling remorseful to his wife. Promising himself; he is going to make himself proud this time.

The aims of proving himself better and providing a better life for himself, wife and children.

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He shared the ideas of the business with his friend. he can’t keep the ideas any longer in his mind.

Because it’s brewing in his mind for a while.

The thought that he’s certain the business doesn’t require huge capital to start up.

And the fact that they would calm down for some months before the returns of the investment began to roll in.

His dearly friends easily take him out from his dwelling plans. He doesn’t know his friend have a tons of optimism, but full of pessimism.

His friend quickly highlighted how things can easily go wrongs after investment might have done.

He tells him and put him through on how his ideas is risky and can be wasteful of time and money.

“So, forget the idea and move on. Use the money for other purpose” Friend says.

This is how a dream is sent to the grave.


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