Short Story: The Pursuit Of A Missing Love

It was a beautiful morning for a recent breakup charming lady, Sandra as she was eagerly Looking forward to meeting his newly met boyfriend.

Though she might have not met him face to face. Buy she’s certain he would be her taste. Knowing the only thing she needs now is to forget the habit of being picky.

As biological time is tickling. “Imagine I’d be 31 years in two weeks time and no point of boyfriend, not to talk of fiancee” she mumbled. While facing the ceiling on her bed.

She traced her eyeballs to the wall clock opposite to her and found out it already 7:30am. “I have to get ready for work” she said to herself.

Immediately she left her bed, went to bathroom and get herself ready for work and maybe if she leaves work early, she would meet the new charming man she met online.

‘I have to feed my tummy” she said, while walking straight to her kitchen to prepare herself some slices of bread with fried egg and hot coffee.

Immediately she finished eating, it was early 7:55am. “What! I’m late” she shouted while carrying her bag and pick her car keys on the shelf where she always dropped them.

She entered her car, and drove recklessly, trying save the embarrassment she would probably get from her boss.

“Look out girl” a pedestrian shouted. After she stained her dress with a dirty water on road that her car tyres splashed.

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Finally, She reached her place of work, she alighted and walked briskly to the reception area where she would put her time arrival down.

“I’m late again, hope the manager it’s not around yet” she talked and asked her receptionist friends while writing her arrival time down.

“I guess God safe you, he must also have been on his way now to the office” she responded her.

“Thank God I’m save” she comfortably said to herself while looking at ceiling in satisfaction.

She walked to her office, sat down and began to ponder over how her newly met man behavior is going to be.

“I guess he wouldn’t be like that of my Ex, Samuel” she thought to herself.

Immediately, her phone rang. She checked the name on it. and guess, it was her newly charmed boyfriend, Charles.

She was very eager to pick it up but thought to herself that she have to be patient just little, because composure is what that matters in first meeting.

Finally, she summoned the courage and pick it up “Hello my love” she said while grinning little facing her phone.

“Hello dear, how was your night?” A male voice coming from the phone.

“It was wonderful and lonely” she quickly responded

“What, why lonely” Charles asked

“Nothing, maybe just because I was thinking of meeting the love of my life” she confesses while grinning.

“Really, okay okay. So how’s today going to be?” he calmly asked her

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“I don’t know maybe you decide and give the rendezvous” she tells him.

“Okay I’ll send you details and time to you later in the day” he says while still on phone.

“Okay I’ll be expecting you, take care dear” she calmly said in comfort.

“Okay bye!” Charles while hung up the call.

…To be continued.

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