Short Story: The Pursuit of A Missing Love (Part 2)


Immediately after the call ended the call, she dropped her phone and began to smile to herself believing she had made a perfect choice for her lifetime partner.

“I’m sure I’m the lucky girl right now!” she said to herself.

Later in the day, Sandra finished her work sooner. Rested her back to the long office rounding chair inside her office waiting for the call of her newly boyfriend.

“it’s already 7:30pm, why is he not calling, as he forgotten me?” Different thoughts began to roaming her mind.

“is this also a bad luck, no! it can’t be, I’m sure” she said to herself.

12 minutes later, a caller rang her phone. Surprising to her, it was her man, Charles.

She firstly decided to not pick it up being in an angry mood.

And guess, she couldn’t stand it. She just have to do it. Means, she finally did it.

“Hello” she said in dejected mood after picking up the call.

“Baby I’m sorry, I know I don’t stick to plan, something came up at my work” he said while seeking her apology.

“Okay, okay, where are you now” she asked.

“I’m already on my way to pick you up” Charles said while briskly entered his car.

“Okay I’ll be expecting you” she calmly said.

They were on already at the rendezvous looking at themselves in the eyeballs. Each of them doesn’t know where to start.

“Can we order food now”  Sandra said to him while pointing to the chef standings.

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“Yes, yes, we can now” Charles quickly responded just while he didn’t know when to start the conversation.

“Okay I’m Charles, you know me, you know where I Work, I think you might have probably know everything about me” Charles finally speak out.

“Yes I do” she said while trying to recall the chatting and phone talking they have had before the meeting.

“And to your surprise Sandra, I might disappoint you. But you have to accept it” Charles continue

“I’m not the one actually had interest in you, I mean who wanted to court you” he said again while the waiter was already setting their table.

By this time Sandra was already in bitter. knowing her luck have already crashed again.

“So who is the person” she asked calmed and angrily manner

“its your Ex- boyfriend, Samuel” he said.

Sandra was already had nostalgia feeling. her eyes were red and nose boiling.

She stood up roughly carried her bag and when she was trying to walked out, she saw her Ex boyfriend, Samuel walking straight to her with an apology.

She had no choice to accept her back because her biological time is already tickling fasting.

Then, they hugged and kissed. it was  a master plan for Charles, because, actually he was paid by Samuel just to make sure he got the presence of her Ex- girlfriend, Sandra back.

So, it is actually a pursuit of missing love.

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