Movie Review: Kayode Kasum’s Crime Comedy’ Sugar Rush

Sugar Rush was a Kasum’s first movie on crime comedy and believe me, if I say he was an impressive job managing and directing the technical aspect of the movie.

The direction of camera angles, visual effects are just so much of Kasum’s capacity. It worth a clap for.

The movie made surprising appearance of Stars likes Adesua Etomi Wellington, Abisola Adeola, and Bimbo Ademoye.

The movie is a based fantastic tale of two loving sisters (Adesua and Bisola) who by luck stumble on $800,000 at a crime scene.

The sisters including the social media audio-living vlogger (Bimbo Ademoye).

An audio-living blogger (Bimbo Ademoye) who have an ailing mother in the movie, and head full of dreams of livin’ la Vida Loki.

Bimbo Ademoyo also have interest in the crime and whereby also taking part with the two sisters.

In their crime operation, their fast luck runs out even before know it.

They were already dead meat to both law enforcement and the bad guys around the town with their sirens blaring the whole atmosphere.

Sugar Rush movie is a purposely, well-articulated piece of onscreen art, the movie is anything beyond normal perfection of a comedy film.

The first section of the movie makes understand that it struggles to keep true to its watchword.

The movie tries but unable to deliver on the targeted expectation promised by some introductory scenes.

Honestly, the disappointment in the movie is not a thing to hinder us from getting the chance to fill us whole.

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It might be before we finally find some genuine cause for humor.

The movies encounter sound difficulty in the process of production.

The part of it is that it suffers major sound effects issues. which is very noticeable.

Some of the echoes, sounds and audibility issues that goes with the excellent production of the movie were not the making of crappy cinema speakers.

Some features on the movie point out Osiberu’s film intervention. Just like her last block-buster one, Isoken,

The movie’ set design is intentional and designed to give the story a compelling and amazing life.

Sugar Rush is a film that allow the joint of two producer’s forces, whereby, giving their best to meet the standard and pleasure of the viewers and audience.

Osiberu, actor’s Director also contributed in the process of the film’s making.

Whereas, her collaboration with Kasum indeed brought a balance to the satisfying creative components of the film.

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