Inside The Mind And Heart Of A Liar

A liar. The best at what they do is to cover you up when they definitely know it all about false.

They will tell you all good things they have achieved in life, meanwhile, it was all about their fantasy. Probably they might not even achieved it in their lifetime.

In their eyes, mind, they would think all what they were doing is right and using it to take glory.  Meanwhile, the little chance they get might elude them.

They will tell you they are in abroad living their best life. Meanwhile, they were struggling under one roof with their alleged family.

They might even try and be nice to you in public. Giving you what that motivated you; money or possession. Meanwhile, they would go home and keep regretting what they have done.

Mind of liar is so strong to the excess of not knowing the dangerous a lie brings.

A lie that trashed their images and future.

A lie that can destroy the life of their father, mother and family altogether.

Mind of a liar, inside it, there would a conscience doing its work, pricking them all day, all night telling them a lie has no a perfect place in life of a peace maker and majority.

They would know the innocence and yet the guilt would go free. Yet, the other side of their mind would tell them is not right.

They would definitely ignore it.

A liar might be your fiend, closest to you like a sleeping bed and bed spread and yet still denied you in the presence of convict.

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They would lie against you knowing in their other side of their minds and hearts that consequence will surely come.

And yet still not put it into consideration.

Inside the heart of a liar, they forgot all what goes around comes around.

They forget the phrase of elderly that says, “what you sow, you shall reap” and no matters how far you reach in life your bad past will still continue hunt you.

A mind of liar decides negative doings and habits easily because they would never allow conscience to work accordingly to how God created it.

They believe they were greater that the conscience, they thought all what they do would not have consequences.

They forgot if they do bad today, remorseful would be ready in future for their awful doings.

Besides. A mind of liar forget to know that they would tell another lie to cover the lies.

So what’s the point?

they forget to know that a mind of a liar easily destroy the love and affectionate they receive from acquittance, relatives, colleagues and others close to them.

So what’s the point again?

They forget to know that At the end, the heart and mind of a liar finally destroyed on its own.


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