How To Catch A Monster


How To Catch A Monster


I’m trying to decipher the difficulty my Math teacher having with me in understanding his teachings.

Making his work easier for me, has brought many challenges for me. “Why can’t I just understand this mathematics” the words that have been roaming my minds since I started doing the assignment.

I’m in my solitude, being only a child of the family but I just can’t concentrate.

Why? Why’s happening?

The sounds of my Mother screaming from my parent’s room have been filling my ears. Piercing it even when I’m using my hands to cover it.

Her helpless voices piercing every corners of our house and filling the whole house.

“It’s happening again” my mind ponder with full and sharp sorrow.

It’s as if she’s calling out to me, but she doesn’t.

This is certainly not the first time. I always think they were doing what female and male adult do alone – I heard it from my friends at school that woman always scream while doing it.

I always believe it was what my mother and father always do that make her scream out so loudly.

But no, until I saw scars on her face down to her neck. Then, I come to realization that it was not adult doing.

It was my father beating my mother all this while. Just like a teacher punishes and beating a dog student.

And that’s what is happening between my father and mother now.

I couldn’t just stand to my mother helpless voice. I stood up and head up to their room.

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They must not know am spying. In fact. I don’t know why am going there. Not that I’m going free my mother from the wrath of my father.

And not that of I’m going to stop and challenge my father for a assaulting from mother.

The best thing I could do is to save my self, also from my father’s assault.

And that’s what I did. I stayed at the back of door listening and witnessing the pain my mother is passing through.

I must really admit I feel helpless, hearing my mother’s pain just like as she is too – helpless.

I remember it happened last week, in which  I did what I’m doing now.

My father almost caught me that time. I wondered how my face and body would have been now with pain’s infliction.

Because, my father would have certainly handed me beating of my life.

But, to be sincere, I don’t know why this is happening. Why all this beating is happening to my mother.

I don’t even want to know. All I wanted is tranquillity. I want peace to reign.

Because, the affection I have for my father have started becoming dwindle.

…To be continued

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