How To Actually Catch A Monster (pt. 3)

How To Catch A Monster.


My father looks as if he doesn’t have war with anyone in the house some moment ago.

But inside me, I’m terrified. I looked at him as a person that usually caused my mother pains and misery.

He continues to look at me. It’s like he has an idea of  what I’m thinking.

Immediately as I discover that, I averted my gaze, and began eating. Trying to avoid any trouble with my father.

We had the dinner in a silent affair. It always happen like that after every of their fights.

On a normal day, if fight didn’t happen. It would have been an healthy dinner night. With my father jokes at the table that would bring everyone to laughter.

But today is out of those days, Every one of us eat in silence.

We finish eating and I helped my mother, parked all dishes to the kitchen.

I could see the scars again in my mother left hand as I was rinscing the dishes inside the kitchen with her.

She noticed, she’s distracted and remains silent still.

Her silence is really not confronting, I really want her to say something. I want her to speak against my father.

I tried to help her, what I don’t normally do before. I dispose the Remanct food to the trash can.

Yet she didn’t alter a word. I wanted to put the dish back to where it would be washed.

And mistakenly felt and broken. I thought this could have broken my mother silence. But no, I didn’t.

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Because on a normal day, my mother would have scolded me for being “care-free” but not today maybe next time.

I now know why my mother is silence today, I know she is only waiting for me to leave the kitchen.

Maybe she could you my absent to break down in tears. She actually just want to let loose.

Sometimes ago, I overheard her telling one of our church members that my father is a monster.

Then, I couldn’t decipher what she meant because I only thought a monster is an animal.

Don’t misunderstand me, My father is not a monster. He just can’t tolerate trash.

So once, my mother knew my father is a monster. Why does she still loves a monster? Why does it always smile bleakly just to hide the pains anytime the monster inflict her?

Why is she still keeping the monster real color secret to relatives?

Why would my mother be good to her when she knows he has been bad to her?

I don’t understand. I’m really desperate to know here.

I have tried all my effort ponder over these questions for a long and trying to get out with answer.

But all efforts were fruitless.

But today I have to conclude… Maybe the Monster is not really the real Monster.

Maybe there is nothing actually wrong with monster.

Or maybe there is actually being a monster is the right thing to do.

Or maybe is the right thing to catch out the monster.







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