How Does A Mother Looks Like

A mother is one that specially created by God. Caring, Loving, Sacrificing is all they good for.

Sometimes it takes us all day to decipher the love of a mother to us. Because, it was so engrossed in them.

It is beyond understanding. The one that genuinely cares. We might accuse them of caring too much, but they hardly takes offences of our ignorance display.

A mother relates to the phrase “Too-Much” because, even if she always wears her out, she feels like she has not done anything.

A mother love is so strong that she can never wait to be appreciated for what she has done. Because, she does everything in love for you.

She would give her best for you. She would consider not all she has done for you. Because everything was done in love.

A mother love is unconditional, is endless in depth. Only if it knowns just an end. Then, it is not a mother’s love.

A mother is one of the greatest optimistic. Even when everybody seems to loose hope in you. she wouldn’t.

She would want you steep on your feet back and fight. Even if you seems to be dejected.

She knows the way out, how to get you back on your feet through her words and encouragement.

A mother is one who sacrifice her possession and luxurious things for you. Not waiting for rewards or appreciation.

She does it because she leads a life of constant and selfless giving to you.

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A mother leads a life of believer, not in her faith alone but in you. More than anybody else.

Even Her faith and believe keeps you intact, focus and determined without your knowledge.

The most amazing you will know about her is that she shares your sadness and sorrow with her.

Our failure, is her failure, your downfall, her downfall. When you cry, she cries. When you smile, she also does.

When you sleep, she watches you. She wouldn’t slumber until you finally sleep off.

A mother is also one who never retract her words. She promises, and she fulfilled even without you knowing.

She would clear your way out, only you to know everything doing something. Not knowing her sacrifice have paved you way.

She’s the one who’s worth more than a gold and silver.

One that is irreplaceable. A mother is one unlike anybody.


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