How A Dream Of A Brother Dies (Pt. 2)

A 59-years-old man who had passed through a lot of sufferness and act of managing, managing wants to give a chance to his dream just once again.

In fear of future and uncertainty of a brighter future as biological time is already reached.

A dream which have been on his minds for a very long time. He shared the whole ideas with his 57-years-old wife as he was about setting out in the morning.

She gives no response. Meanwhile,  already taken her silence as consent and left happily.

In the evening, He get back home, received warmly by his wife.

Her wife proceed to give response to him about the morning discussion. The long ideas of business he have in minds for a very long period of time.

She tells him its rather very late for him as he’s late 50’s. She tells him at the age he is.

The best thing he can do is to use the money sustain himself. She tells him the time for nurturing a business has far left him behind.

She explains to him that the business would only drain his money that ought to use the money for his upkeep. And might leave him to nothing.

And what if the business collapses, she asks him. “Would you be able to cope with pain? Would that pain not crush you?” She asked again.

His minds was engrossed with fears, and he forget the thought.

And this is how another dream is sent to the grave.

A 28-years-old son, with all productive qualities tell his father his business ideas that he has with his friends.

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His 65-years-old father listens while he speaks and smiles remembering when was 25-years-old.

When he shared his own business ideas with his parents and how they disappoint him, rejected his ideas.

And later remembered his friend who dissuaded him from stopping his job when he was 38-years-old to chase his dearly dream.

And also how his wife warned him at the age of 57-years-old, From not going to his own dearly business.

With engross of fear over him, he warned his son not going into any business.

And, getting 9-5 job would be better.

Out of the love he has for his son.

He said” I think well paying job is better, I have a very strong emphasis to well paying job. Quit that your ideas son”

This is how a dream is sent to the grave.


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