Funke Akindele’s Your Excellency Review

Funke Akindele’s Your Excellency, also does well, just as like the recent Nigerian comedies that have dominated the Nigerian cinemas in recent years did.

The movie Your Excellency follows The lead Actor, Akin Lewis who is named Chief Olalekan Ajadi on the movie.

Is a failed presidential candidate and billionaire businessman, who aims to becoming president on his fourth attempt and at least final attempt.

An unarguably candidate, Ajadi’s fortune, unexpectedly, turns out for the fortunate. An occurrence that should have been a blow in the eye of Ajadi’s dream. That signaled him to his dream.

On a normal norms, Funke Akindele’s Your Excellency, really not just a mere comedy, but a pungent & caustic satire.

The world of the movie, Your Excellency could be said to be a reference of the Nigerian political space.

There are some relations and similarities that can easily be noticed and drawn between the characters in the movie and some of our own politicians in Nigeria.

The movie reflects how our political system is. How practicising of politics in our country actually exists and lives.

The movie which featured the presence of Michael Idehen, Deyemi Okanlawon  gives clear explanation that there is no guarantee of success in the Nigerian political scene.

For all his preparedness, vibrancy, and Optimism, Michael Idehen ends up losing.

The premise of the movie was well-thought-out. However, in my view and opinions. I think the plotting didn’t purposely do justice to the premise.

Besides, the movie’s production really so close around the tropes of ‘slapstick comedy’ but successfully try to not make the producer aim ruined by it.

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The movie seemed to spend too long on certain plot points. Maybe, probably because they were supposed to be full comedic one.

In addition, the second part stories in the film was very or little make the movie advance significantly and felt quite forced. Meanwhile, it separates from the movie for larger spells of the movie.

Funke Akindele, just as typical to her.   Your Excellency is blend to a substantial number of pop-culture references. which are obviously traceable.

Honestly, with the pop-culture’s inclusive. The film is more fun and relatable.

As far as acting performances go for an actor in his career, I would like to say, is one the best Akin Lewis performances ever.

Toni Tones, on her part, was also impressive. she gave a standing ovation’s performance. Generally, the acting in Your Excellency was up and surpass many standards.

Meanwhile, There were a few technical lapses in the movie which i feel many people wouldn’t notice.

But not to worry, it’s unnecessary as long as the movie won many fans hearts and therefore, worth a gold.

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