Book Review – Foreign Gods, Inc. by Okey Ndibe

P.s. Foreign Gods, Inc. by Okey Ndibe took me about 5-6 months to complete, more on that soon.

Okey Ndibe’s Foreign Gods, Inc. tells the story of a man named Ikechukwu Uzondu.

Ikechukwu is a New York-based Nigerian man who works and makes a living by driving a cab.

Ike’s qualifications couldn’t get him a job because of his strong accent. He strives really hard to make ends meet with this cab-driving job.

He was very frustrated and didn’t know way to save himself from the embarrassment fate brought him.

A graduate driving cab. So He came up with an idea, an idea he thought it would bring end to his adversity.

His idea is to travel to his hometown of Utonki, with the aim to steal the statue of the village’s ancient war deity, Nene.

Hoping to get the statue sell to An American collector for a fat paycheck returns.

He was very full of desperation. Trying to make it faster and easier.

As crazy as the sounds of that reading on the novel. It got me wanted to read more and know how it’s going to make out in it.

In fact, it was really making me breezing to pages so quickly. And, I was absolutely engrossed in the novel.

However, that scene only lasted in Nigeria according to the novel. Just as he arrived in Nigeria.

The move seemed to loose engross, and suspense begins to dwindle in the reading.

And by the time he would arrive in Nigeria, the novel has became less engaging, we were just treated unrelevant stories on pages upon pages.

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The story that added to value of his aim of stealing the statue keeping appearing as I was reading it.

It was a complete fluff.

This was actually supposed to be the point, the part where Ike faced difficulty and conflicts while on his quest and brings tension heightens.

But instead, the writer leaves us with stories of Ike’s time before leaving for America.

Introducing us to characters like Ike’s childhood friend who has now a politician; his first love who left him for another rich man; Ike’s mother.

The most annoying of the novel was that of the Reverend Stanton. It went on and on to no exactly particular end.

I guess the novel would have made perfect sense with the bulk of these stories not included.

Some things happen that actually hinders him from achieving his aim of stealing the village statue for all the time spent in the village.

And I come to think that I had questions that I ponder over the novel. That I desperately needed to be attended to in my mind.

Questions like, “Did Ikechukwu go ahead with his plan of the statue?” “If yes, was he successful?”

“Or did he actually change his mind along the way?” “If so, what happened that madechim to change his mind?”

Meanwhile, these reservations aside, Foreign Gods, Inc. was worth to give a read.

It a story well told for the times It’d focused on the premise made for a liking read.

Also, the writer used a strong command of the English language and African proverbs. It was impressive, to say the fact and true.

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Book Title – Foreign Gods, Inc.

Author – Okey Ndibe

Setting – Nigeria
New York City, New York (United States)

Publisher – Soho Press

Date Of Publication – January 1st, 2014

Genre – African Literature

Pages – 336

Format – ePub

Edition Language – English



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